General Conference GCSRW Legislation Update #5- General Conference Adopts Legislation to Amend ¶ 4, Article IV to Include Gender, Age, and Ability

Advocating for the full participation of women in the UMC

by Jenn Meadows, Director of Communications

The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women’s (GCSRW) petition #60163, Inclusiveness of Gender & Age, was adopted by the General Conference by a majority vote of 68%. A 2/3 majority vote was needed in order for this petition to be adopted due to its amending the Constitution found in The Book of Discipline. The legislation adds ‘gender’, ‘age’, and ‘ability’ to the list of categories constitutionally protected for inclusion in the Church. To be fully adopted, this petition will now go before all Annual Conferences to be considered and voted upon in 2017.

Petition #60163 was amended in the General Administration Committee to add ‘ability’ along with GCSRW’s legislation of ‘gender’ and ‘age’. Adding these words to 4, Article IV of The Book of Discipline means a person could not be treated unfairly or denied opportunities due to age…

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