Putting Faith into Action


John Wesley lived his faith, not only by teaching and preaching, but he also worked tirelessly to serve the poor, which often put him at odds with the “established order” of the Church of England. By establishing health clinics, orphanages, schools and other programs to help people transform their lives, he let the love of God shine through his example. I took the photo above at the Epworth rectory where he grew up. The garden’s plants are ones he recommended in a book he wrote for healing, “Primitive Physic, Or, An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases.”

10 thoughts on “Putting Faith into Action

  1. Your posts are lovely. Why were you off-line for so long? Keep it up. And so glad you enjoy the Photo Humor Man. Feel free to send suggestions for the Photo Humor Man. Would it also be OK if I suggested materials for your posts? You write so eloquently.

    • Thank you for the kind words, and of course any suggestions are welcome! My problems are in dealing with the technical side of things. For example, I’ve tried to add widgets but it never works. It discourages me! I am determined to persevere this time.

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